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Eco Beach Shop

About Us

We are Holly and Josh, owners of Whitby Surf School and proud inhabitants of our seaside town.

Living and working by the beach we often see rubbish left behind, broken buckets and spades and so much single use plastic. We know our beach is a relatively clean one and we can see the amazing efforts of our local beach cleaning group, even so we are still concerned about how plastic pollution is effecting our oceans and the wildlife within it.

Since recently becoming parents we have thought more about how we want our beach and beaches around the world to be there for our son and future generations to enjoy as much as we do.

This got us thinking about ways we could change beach shopping and led us to creating the Eco Beach Shop!

Providing eco-friendly alternatives to beach essentials, we hope to reinvent the traditional seaside shop and revolutionise how people enjoy the beach!

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