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Collapsible Travel Bowl (various sizes)

A food and water bowl that folds flat, making it ideal for travelling, long walks and trips to the beach.


Collapsible Travel Bowl

It can fit into bags, cars and even some pockets so your howling hound will never miss a meal. It is made from flexible and hardwearing BPA free silicone (Silicone is made with no chemicals so, while being tough and hard wearing, it is safer for your dog.


Large: Outer Diameter - 22cm. Bowl Capacity - 1.25ltr

Medium: Outer Diameter - 18.5cm. Bowl Capacity - 0.75ltr

Small: Outer Diameter - 14.5cm. Bowl Capacity - 0.38ltr

All About Beco Pets…

Every animal, little or large, can make a big difference. Origionating in a small London flat, Beco Pets is one of Britain’s biggest manufacture and designers of eco-friendly pet products. Wherever possible Beco products are made from natural, renewable and recycled materials. By using sustainable sources, and working ethically with suppliers, they aim to make products that are better for your pets and better for the environment. Happy pets, healthy planet.


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